A Shetland in Brooklyn

Independence Day, a hot and sunny wander to the other end of Prospect Park; finally seeing the Kensington Satbles, and surprised. I admit, I did expect there to be some green space (at least some dirt!), only to find a shockingly urban home for these horses, with the usual sidewalks and streets surrounding. Not surprising that they are utterly unperturbed by traffic and other city things the likes of which would terrify the horses with whom I grew up. The stable was a run-of-the-mill city building, converted for this unexpected use- the lack of windows and places for air to get in was disheartening. Having grown up on a farm where the animals had so much space, it is hard for me to see the way that some city animals live, but I suppose a lot of people think the same about the ways we city people live.

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