04 November

Well I added a few more shots to the photos, as I realised a few didn’t make it in the first go. Like the ALI G. school. And the Tattie Creel! So now there’s 105 or nearly. Also: I have removed the ‘comments’ option from this blog, as 90% were from annoying mf spam-bots. I want to smash them!

I find it positively unbelievable that, as the news people discuss the president’s “plummeting” ratings, he can still be somehow as high as 40% in this country. (I know that that is historically very low, but still–!) How many dodgy, illegal things- how many blatant lies, greed-motivated and ill-conceived (not to mention dangerous) maneuvers must be perpetrated before people wise up? I’d like to hear fresh numbers of his “approval” ratings on a worldwide basis…

The news simply continues to dismay, as has become its persistant habit.

1 thought on “04 November”

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