signs of the times

advert : funny

attention : unconstituional

Well, I have been remiss at this blogging nonsense of late. In lieu- working on many projects, watching and reading much news (and despairing), planning trip to the UK. I have begun work on a new 30′ x 40″ canvas, and so far it looks great, so that’s intimidating. Haven’t decided on color scheme yet. Would like to finish it before leaving on trip. Also must stitch up and bind another sketch book for use on the trip, as the current one will likely be full before we leave.
Oh! I did take some time out yesterday to paint the ‘Pod, whom we now affectionately refer to as Hal, as it appears to have intelligence when assigned to “shuffle.” (Not just of one playlist, mind, but with thousands of songs to choose from– mf smart!)

HAL, newly painted

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