excerpt of a dream

“At the beginning I found myself in what appeared to be an ancient city- it was a re-creation of some kind and there were tests. (It was a kind of game- something to amuse.) Some things looked familiar and some did not; like they’d started out with history but had become irrevocably lost in fictions along the way. The result was something very surreal but beautiful. The colors were all of a very unhistoric nature, subtle as the colors of a sky. All of my answers turned out wrong, though, as I was drawing them from Rome; I’d have done much better to have simply made things up. I was not allowed to stay.

Down a canal in a boat, dropped at a normal street corner away from the magic, and made to wait for a bus. Upon its arrival (it was more of a mini-bus), I was told that i was only to take up the space of one-half seat, as there were other stops at which to pick up other people. The “person” with whom i was to share my seat turned out to be a fat and miserable young girl; one of those sad children who has put entirely too much stock in the speech of rules and what one ought or ought not do. It rendered her very dull and not a little cranky.

So i imagine that was how I arrived late to the house.”

* * * * *
There was more. There was a fish and other glittering things.

Today: another long walk. I should more accurately refer to the iPod™ as my escape ‘Pod for the buffer zone it invariably creates. Very useful in such a crowded city as this.
Tonight: Acoustic Arcade show at Southpaw: Kevin Omen and others. (alas I will arrive late.) Recycling.
At length: need to add more old jazz to the pod and digitize some of those creepy old tunes from the smithsonian folk collection.

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