le coeur

What can anyone offer- what has any of us to offer- the Universe or even each other? Anything less than the weight of one’s own heart is too little when one weighs it against History. Against Humanity. And that leaves us with: our dreams. What best we can give to one another amounts to that one word; little reckoned, seldom taken seriously; Dreams.

But– read your history and connect the dots. Follow the threads as they occurred. The Dream has been the single most powerful tool in the history of our species. Dreams turned out to be the space in which all our wondrous leaps have occurred. Our leaps. The precise ones which made us “human.”

(True story.)

(more or less…)

1 thought on “le coeur”

  1. I ‘ve learned there is one thing above all else.


    I thought I knew love, I thought I knew how to give give, but there is no giving and getting, it just is.

    It is a connection, an understanding and acceptance for what is true. I knew love when I realized I valued those I love above myself, above all else.

    Dreams allow us to fly and soar, give us insight and revelations, but love will feed us when nothing else will fill the emptyness within.

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