stamps from malaysia

So, i won a copy of Van Helsing on dvd from ebay (for about 8 bucks) and it finally arrived. When the man said media mail, he failed to mention it was media mail from Malaysia! Although the dvd works fine and it is labeled for region 1 (that’s U.S. and Cananda), it was not in a box (just a plastic sleeve). The funny thing is the spelling of Mr. Jackman’s name on the printed materials– he is billed as Huge Jackman. Now that’s funny. I suppose someone didn’t catch the typo before they were run, then some enterprising employee nicked a bunch and put ’em on ebay. Incidentally, when I tried to leave feedback, ebay could find neither the item number nor the seller’s ID in its system, so I’m assuming that means he was caught. Or just sold a bunch then booked it. Who knows? Hilarious.
The upshot is that it was really fun to get mail from so far away (i had no idea what it was or who it was from ’til I got it open), plus I got these beautiful stamps. Oh, and a pretty good deal on the dvd.

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