hey, loser!

beautiful paper things in a window

Let’s talk about how awful television commercials have gotten. How everyone is busy trying to make some one else feel lousy in order that they might feel better about themselves. About how results are more important than how they are achieved. Let us discuss the myriad ways in which bullshit is more effective than sincerity!


Well I began my first entry from around 5 this morning in brief contemplation over my typing a rant elsewhere than here. I stand by my decision; I am a believer in the power of *editing*. No sense in filling up the wires (and wireless) with b-roll, especially vulnerable b-roll. ::shudder:: (Unless you are a Network™ exec beating the dead and rotting corpse of the “reality television” horse, that is.)

In other news, today we finally had a true and genuine springtime in New York kind of day– brilliant! My iPod™ and I hit the pavement for some errand-running, which is far more entertaining when you’ve got your own bande sonore personnelle playing straight into your brain. I could have kept walking for hours, save that I had a meeting to get back to and the weight of the groceries and sundry other what-not began wearing on me.

Ahhh! So much to do, always. So easily put off with modern conveniences such as television and the computer. The two great eyes. Tangents along which to travel which will likely lead one no closer to any goal, great or small (save that of killing time). Alas. As I am on one such tangent now, and no nearer any goal at this moment, perhaps I’d better cut short and attempt something more constructive.

b l o g .

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