a sunday evening

kevo, trey and i at the jackalope, sxsw

I recently read an article on Salon about “celebrity bloggers,” some of whose blogs I had seen, some not. It was an interesting article with some good (and horrifying) links. It isn’t actually relevant here, other than it got me thinking about the form anew. I have gone back and forth in my feelings about this odd form of publishing for a few years. Maybe in the process of having my own I will arrive at some conclusion. I do not guess that among these entries will be many actual revelations however; its title comes from a bit I wrote last year, a portion of which is:

“In the darkening chill of late winter
In the empire city she calls home
she knows it will be worth
the inconvenience
of air travel, exchange rates and layovers,
of cold water rooms, and

the untidy revelations
that sometimes accompany
a soul in transit-
and often anticipate
the falling of empires.”

At some later date I hope to incorporate this into the electrofork home page. It seems it may be a good idea to have the option of going backwards through time rather than ever overwriting that ol’ index.html.

In other news, we returned late wednesday night from a trip down to Austin, TX for Flatstock amid the madness of SXSW. What fun- I ‘d like to go earlier next year to be there for the entire festival, though. The weather was brilliant; we sat outside in bare feet, drinking our coffee and smoking cigarettes. It was great to see Trey also, as it had been over two years since last he was in New York. It was disheartening, to say the least, to come back to the slow and persistent fade-out of winter here.

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