Walk the ancient stones

Apartments buildings on the banks of the Riu Onyar in Girona, Spain In early may we took a trip to Barcelona, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal; along the way we made some day trips to other cities nearby. Here are a few selects from our day in Girona, Spain. These images are of the monastery, the… Continue reading Walk the ancient stones

Cowardly acts of fragile men

Human history is riddled with cursed repetitions, but goddamnit the unabashed presence of nazi white-supremacists who claim also to be patriotic Americans is as anathema as it is indefensible. It’s been less than 60 years since the Civil Rights movement; less than 80 since WWII— the atrocities of which are tattooed on the flesh, stitched… Continue reading Cowardly acts of fragile men

“My Daguerreotype Boyfriend”

Henry Peters Gray, portrait painter, circa 1850 This and many other antique portraits (two more examples after the jump) live at a tumblr blog called "My Daguerreotype Boyfriend," subtitled Where early photography meets extreme hotness. Lotsa' fun, check it out. (Thanks to John for sharing this on fb.) Johannes Brahms, circa 1853, age 20 Ernest Hemingway, age… Continue reading “My Daguerreotype Boyfriend”