A table restoration project | Process

A few weeks ago, as I mentioned in this post, I found a discarded table around the corner from my apartment. It's a modern reproduction, a simplified (straight legs not curved) variant on a Queen Anne style (yay, more QA!). It's a gaming table to boot, as the top flips over and the obverse is felt-lined.… Continue reading A table restoration project | Process

Sneak-attack home improvement

Tuesday was a BAMF TCB day. (That's acronymic for Badass Motherfucker Taking Care of Business day.) Today will be more of the same (because #deadlines, as the kids say). After a solid five hours of focused client work in the morning, I spontaneously went full berserker on the decrepit grout and caulking in my shower. I've been wanting to… Continue reading Sneak-attack home improvement

Resin Table in Time Out NY

The table, as seen in Time Out New York Here are some additional photos, or see it here in its pre-resin-filled phase. Two type-cabinet drawers framed in oak and mounted atop a hardwood pedestal base. (Want to own this table? Email liz [at] electrofork [dot] com to inquire…) WANT MORE INFORMATION? I've received a number… Continue reading Resin Table in Time Out NY