Rituals. Looking back and springing forward—

Only yesterday I took bags and boxes of things to donate to Housing Works, and already a new pile has begun to accumulate in the hall. I can’t stop deleting*. Next, soon: a harsh, realistic editing of the wardrobe. (I wear only a fraction of what I own— what's the point?) Time to delete some of… Continue reading Rituals. Looking back and springing forward—

The impolitic nature of Early Autumn Onset Syndrome (EAOS)

Everyone seems to be out of sorts, or in a state of transition lately. Well, that’ s nothing new— life is flux. No, what I mean is that a number of people I know have been struggling with big question marks, consciously or not. It’s been coming out gradually, as the summer wanes. They hint… Continue reading The impolitic nature of Early Autumn Onset Syndrome (EAOS)