The dream of many waltzes

I had one of those odd coincidences earlier this week. At my new job, we are sometimes availed of complimentary tickets to events— for example this week it was attendance to a  two o'clock performance of Ravel's Bolero (and two other pieces, but that was the star) by the NY Philharmonic on Jan 20th. It just… Continue reading The dream of many waltzes

The genius of Gorillaz

Two talents: a musician and a visualist– embark on a collaboration that is both timely and topical, the fusion of whose efforts proves a perfect melange, exporting products (for lack of a better word) that feel tailor-made for the times. I've been on board since the first record (having already been a fan of both… Continue reading The genius of Gorillaz

Elizabeth’s Dagger

No, that's not a misspelling. It's the name of a band (comprised of "three young men who hope to change the world"). Funny thing is, they are from Honeoye Falls, which lies but a few scant miles from where I grew up in upstate New York.


"The Lottery Show" at Terminal 5 last night, with brilliant structural swathes of fabric strung for trapping the light.

l i s t m a k i n g

Today I did a drawing of a rutabega (see above). A magic rutabega. (More on why later...) Oh. Oops-- turns out I've been spelling it wrong, according to Mirriam-Webster. It's rutabaga! There is a mighty thunderstorm occurring RIGHT NOW! A beautiful summer storm, following several hours of that tinged purple sky and flashes of heat… Continue reading l i s t m a k i n g