She had a Victorian sensibility

Days twenty-seven and twenty-eight, a diptych: She had a Victorian sensibility and liked to collect little things she found on her walks. , #Inktober2017


These are some wonderful small cabinet card photos I picked up in Utrecht in a little store specializing in picture post cards and other ephemera. The top image shows the gilt studio information for the photographer– one of the loveliest I've seen. It's on the back of the first photo card, the oval, which is… Continue reading treasures


In addition to an unwieldy collection of forks, I have a small collection of these old guidebooks. I first heard of them in A Room with a View, wherein intrepid traveler and lady novelist Eleanor Lavish despises both the books and the tourists who use them– proclaiming every copy should be "flung into the Arno."… Continue reading Baedeker