A treasure from Berlin!

Yesterday I received a wonderful surprise in the mail— this gorgeous piece of artwork by Luiza Mogosanu! This piece is in a celluloid frame from 1930s Germany, she told me in her note on the little card (a print of the same piece). I have already put it on the wall, next to another vintage oval… Continue reading A treasure from Berlin!

McCarthy’s ‘Doldrums’

Just sharing this beautiful image, the latest print from Dan McCarthy. I've been a fan of his work for years and own a number of his prints. We did a print swap years ago, and I've bought some in the intervening years. Always stunning silhouettes, and this one is no exception.

“The Banishment of Beauty”

This is a fascinating talk/slide show about art in  contemporary western society, from a talk given by artist Scott Burdick. While he is obviously quite as slanted 'modern' art as the contemporary art world is against traditional works,  many interesting points are made, and his arguments regarding the suppression of beauty are convincing; we've all… Continue reading “The Banishment of Beauty”