Happy December, almost–

Yay the digital snow is back! I love it, so cheerful and soothing. I’ve been ill and, sadly, missed the Great Margolis Migration Manifestation up in Barryville over the weekend. Yes, ill with what Kim and I have dubbed the Brooklyn Plague, as it seems to’ve been making some rounds. Here’s how mine has gone, and it’s a roller coaster–

Phases of the Brooklyn Thanksgiving Plague:

Phase 1. (23 Nov)
Rhinoceros forcing its way through lung cavity; accompanied by fever & aches

Phase 2. (25 Nov)
Much better after doube-digit hours of sleep; felt like common cold, mostly in the head

Phase 3. (26 Nov)
Bubble head with sound effects; at least one ear plugged and ringing

Phase 4. (27 Nov)
Garbage compactor at the ear points; unbearable pain in the skull, accompanied by all previous symptoms

Phase 5. (28 Nov)
Glaciers of yellow bogies crossing eyeballs like tectonic plates– all day long; accompanied by accompanied by all previous symptoms

Phase 6. (29 Nov)
Add a headache to the mix; go to the doctor; ear infection confirmed, acquisition of antibiotics

Phase 7. (ongoing)
All above getting better; accompanied by much clearer breathing, plugged ear and ringing almost gone

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