Despite having applied available discipline in the early hours (waking, recalling, and a forced recounting of relevant details before slipping back into sleep), what sprang from the subconscious has been subsequently and utterly lost.

Often it is precisely when we wish to grasp that we lose our tentative hold altogether.

So it is that we look to the squares. Linear is a quality that lends itself to learning, to memorization and understanding– to grasping. Rectilinear are the forms in which we live, move, work, create, save. Pixel, paper, book, computer, film, room (the word “camera” is rendered room in the language of its origin), house, building, town square, city grid, the states whose borders were drawn by the determination of men (not by geology, nor time)– the math of the tangible is drawn in lines and measured in blocks. Even the most fluid of sine and cosine are ultimately rendered into X and Y. (By this method was Mondrian’s soul rent and repaired; he painted what he saw.)

I am looking to the squares now, as I embark on abstraction in need of order; organization that feels intuitive, but is only thus for following the forms with which the navigator is familiar (having been rendered ever thus by her own long history of ancestors, and written to fit the surrounding nature as she perceives it).


Enough tangential wandering and geekery! Back to  t h e   s q u a r e s .

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