60º in November

Here’s an inspiring read from Mr. Bresny: “Bigger, Better, More Interesting Problems”
There are more excerpts from his Pronoia book as well. A real smarty-pants, that one. And such a freak!

In other news:

Sad: Our lovely black Koi, Coffee, has merged with the Infinite. A shocking return to Brooklyn after a holiday weekend upstate; both of the fishes, unmoving and clouded over with white, sitting on the bottom of the tank in a corner. We thought they’d both passed, but at length Pi began to move. He looked the way mammals do when dehydrated, shrunken and compact. The feeder mechanism had failed, but there must have been something more. Coffee was completely white. Something unhealthy with him. Poor Pi has had to see two of his tankmates die now. He has fully recovered, physically, after only a couple of days. He seems at a bit of a loss though; unaccustomed to being solitary.

Speaking of which, changes are afoot. Pi and I will be moving into a new apartment next week sometime. A very lovely one bedroom on a fifth floor, only a block from the park– North Slope. Painting of walls to commence on the weekend! Moving house is always a fun time; a three dimensional blank canvas of which to create one’s next ideal surroundings. One of my favorite activities. I look forward to the composing of walls; arrangement of furnishings, old and new.

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